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  • Couples Massage

    Relax & reconnect with your loved one during this side-by-side 55 or 80-minute treatment. Finish with an optional toast for two and enjoy sipping on our signature hand-crafted Jasmine elixir with aphrodisiac and uplifting properties.



    Swedish (Signature)

    Although considered a gentler touch therapy, Swedish massage is a powerful therapy for relieving tense muscles and tightness, improving lymph flow, immunity, and for releasing lots of "feel good" endorphins. Schedule our "Signature Massage", and inform your therapist of your preferred pressure.



    Hot Stone Massage

    Smooth, warm, volcanic basalt rock is used to help warm up, relax and soothe the muscles. This may be added on to any massage.



    Body Scrubs & Mud Wraps

    We offer several different body treatment enhancements that can be included as an add-on to any massage service.

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    Deep Tissue (Signature)

    Designed for those who require a greater pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle, tendons and other tissues that serve as problem areas for the client. Schedule our "Signature Massage", and inform your therapist of your preferred pressure.



    Sports Massage

    Sports Massage is perfect for an athlete that needs a combination of both stretching and massage. This massage may be enhanced with an application of our TR cream, scientifically proven help neutralize lactic acid and enhance recovery after vigorous exercise.



    Prenatal Massage

    During pregnancy it's even more important to nourish your body with massage. Appropriate during the second and third trimesters, this massage provides relief from head to toe!



    "CBD-Arnica" Deep Relief

    This incredibly therapeutic protocol begins with a highly absorbable magnesium chloride and essential oil foot soak for calming the muscles, followed by a 55 or 80 minute massage with organic CBD (THC free) and Arnica infused oil at a pressure catered to your comfort level. This is the perfect package for relieving sore achy muscles and joint pain.

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